Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Attention, Child Protective Services. . ."

Okay, so I am completely LAME.  I am so far behind in blogland, there is so much to say I hardly know where to start.  But before Ade calls Child Protective Services I better share a very significant event in his life. . .the loss of his first tooth.  You would think that my first borns' loss of his first tooth would warrant immediate documentation but, alas, see above (the LAME part).  This even happened July 22nd, 2008, hey, at least I am still in the same year.

So here is Aiden and Quinn in the first attempt.  Our great friends from Twin, the McNeley's told us they used a kleenex to get some "traction" when pulling the girls' teeth out.  So Quinn pulled out the trusty kleenex--

To no avail.
All this pulling, tugging, wiggling was ridiculously traumatic.  Aiden was freaked, Quinn was frustrated and Ash was praying his teeth never get loose.  I was simply taking photos, videos, and giggling.  20 minutes later I was thinking this was taking way longer than necessary and I thought to myself, "what would Norm do?"  My dad was a great tooth puller--quick, easy, done!  Well, Norm used a little mini-plier thing.  I did not have one of these "gizmos" but I am a educated person in the "health care field" so I've got to come up with something.  Besides watching this MBA dude and a freaked out 6 year old was getting painful.  AhhhhHA. I had just the tool. . .curved hemostats and thanks to Tana I knew exactly where they were!

So I pulled them out and when Aiden got a glimpse of the tool he, 100%, WIGGED!!!  He tried to run away as Quinn was restraining him.  You, seriously woulda thought we were ripping his eyelashes out one by one.  As he is trying to escape Quinn's grasp like a little greasy pig trying to escape the bacon maker's hands, Quinn was getting aggroed!!!  So I intervened again. . .

Me, "EVERYONE RELAX!!!!"  (because now Asher is bawling his eyes out thinking  his big bro was going to meet a certain death).

Ash, Ade, "sniff, sniff, stifled inhale. . ."

Quinn, breathing in and out--nice and slow.

Me again, "Ade, just take a look at these."  He held them, inspected them, and decided they weren't a mid evil torture device.  

After some calming and distracting questions. . ."what do you think the tooth fairy pays for  a first tooth?"  BOOM-- it was out.  The look on Ade's face was priceless. . .he was shocked, waiting for the pain but it did not come.  He was starring at his tooth in my hand--stunned that it was out of his mouth and he was not dead.

So here he is, don't ya love the look of pure delight on his face.  If this is not evidence for CPS, I'm not sure what is.

The gap. . .

Notice the hemostats. . .that was a thing of beauty

And here are the bros. . I hope they are ALWAYS there for each other at times of trial.   Notice the glassy-I've-been-bawling-scared-for-my-brother-look in Asher's eyes.

Oh, by the way, the tooth fairy left 2 bucks.  I tired to tell Ade that the person who pulls it out gets a cut. . .he didn't go for it.  Nice try, mom.