Friday, August 29, 2008

This is COOL. . .

Here is my baby GIRL. . .watching intently. . .

Here is what she was watching. . . 

And here is what she was doing. . .

That's right, this girl is smart.  She knows a good thing when she sees it.  I was very excited today to watch Sen. McCain's announcement.  Although, I had no idea who Sara Palin was or really much about her politics.  I did know she was a conservative, educated mom who runs her kids to hockey practice and doesn't put up with any crap back at the office.  I do know that I was getting a little sick of the conservative "good ole' boys club."  And I'm glad to see a little GOP shake up.

But what I'm most excited about is this, here was my baby girl sitting on my lap as we watched Gov. Palin give her speech, and she was waving and clapping at the T.V.  It struck me. . .in a few years when I tell her she can be anything she wants to be I will be telling the whole truth.  Because now here is a great example for her.  I also appreciated the example of Hilary Clinton (much to my husband's and in-laws dismay), although I did not agree with her politics I appreciated her education and tenacity to show young girls that they can achieve anything they want.  But now Ava can look at Gov. Palin and see someone who is an accomplished woman and mother of FIVE, and believes in individuals taking responsibility for themselves, who also believes a woman's "choice" is when she "chooses" to have sex, not when she is dealing with the consequence of that choice.  Politics aside, right or left aside. . .we all know women are much better at multitasking than men.  So on that note, GO MCCAIN/PALIN!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bye, Bye, Babies. . .

New backpack and school supplies packed and labeled. . .Check!

New (ridiculously expensive) Star Wars tee and new z strap-blue-and-red-with-an-A-on-the-toe-size 13-painfully-hard-to-find-Sketchers. . .Check!

In bed by 10:00 (yes, P.M. Jenn). . .Check!  (what binkie?)

Falling asleep even though 5 minutes ago you were doing the "sooo excited" dance. . .Check!

Mom, with a huge lump in her throat and throw-up in her mouth. . .freakin check!

Can you stand it??? Cause I barely can, my baby started FIRST FREAKING GRADE today.  Really. . .ALL day school, it's so lame.  My little man is gone all day.  He was soooooo excited.  Last night we got all prepared. . .stuff laid out, toe nails and finger nails clipped, lots of chatting about mom's first grade experiences (foggy, very foggy), a blessing from dad, and lots of hugs, kisses, and I love yous.  It really was fun and exciting.  

I actually had to wake Ade up this morning but he bounced right out of bed and got dressed.  He also decided "eggs and bacon were a better choice this morning."  After he ate (a little bit) he told me his "tummy was sick."  Hmmm, maybe he had the mom flu, so nervous you want to barf.  But he settled down pretty quickly and kept asking me "is it time to yet" about 150 million times.  So finally a little hair gel, hugs from dad,  and about a thousand photos later we were off. . .

On the drive to school Ade told me he was "pretty nervous"  I didn't tell him how nervous I was and that I was biting the crap out of the inside of my cheek so I didn't cry.  Just  a little "it's going to be sooo great, buddy."  Seemed a bit more appropriate!

I was doing pretty good even at this part. . 

But the kiss and hug goodbye at his desk was a bit rushed.  Must-not-let-him-see-me-cry. . .-so-hard. . .ahhh made it to the door!  Yep, that's me, the lame mom snapping photos from the doorway.  And yes, I did finally leave and go home AND I still had space on my memory card, so there!

So here I am back at home. . .nurse Ava. . .check.  Empty dishwasher. . check

Asher wants cereal. . .get bowls down. . .check   WHAT bowlSSSS.  Oh no, there would be only ONE this morning.  That moment of seeing that one empty SLC Winter Olympics bowl (Asher always get the Spiderman bowl and Ade has come to accept that) was almost more than I could stand.  The rest of the morning went that way.  That "something is missing" feeling.  And the "where's Ade" thoughts.  Weird.  

But then we got busy, who knew fresh vacuum lines could be so therapeutic??  And Ash had his first (for this year) "ginastics" class.  So we busted off to gym.  He had a great time, his buddies, Spencer and Evan are in class with him.  Does it get any better?  Your 2 best buddies, a big open gym, a bouncy mat, and a tramp. . .I'm pretty sure that is Asher's "a Sonic right next door" moment.

So great gym class, lunch with friends. . .I was doing pretty good.  

Then this happened. . .

Yep, ASHER'S FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL.  The prosac Gods sure did some poor planning. . . I mean really a twofer?  My blue-eyed baby at preschool.  Can you even stand how freaking cute he is in his over-priced Star Wars tee?

On the short drive to his preschool I had the hugest lump in my throat and was drinking Diet Coke like Pepsi was taking over tomorrow.  Then we got there and I went around to get Ash out of his side.  I wish I had a picture of his face when I opened that door.  These 2 HUGE blue eyes with such a sparkle staring back at me with a giant "I'm sooooo excited" anticipatory grin on this yummy little face.  I hope I have this image burned in my mind because it was delightful.  Anyway, that moment made all my sadness go (temporarily) away.  I was so happy for Ash, he was getting his turn and he was psyched!

My little baby boy and his killer "skatewer shewwwes."

 Smashie. . .he did not hesitate even for a second, I was so proud of him!

All in all it was a great day but I am spent/done/wiped.  And my babies, they are pretty beat too.  But the important thing is we ( and by we, I mean ME) made it!!!  I'm still wishing for my Ltivo, I so wish I could pause our Life. . .just for a few years, I mean, really is that too much to ask?

Have a great day,