Monday, February 23, 2009

Should I be worried ???

 So check out this ding-a-ling.  Every morning is the same.  Around 10:00 she comes to me--
Ava: " uhh uhh uhh" as she tugs at her zipper on her jammies.

Me:  "Hi sissy, you want your jammies off?"

Ava:  "ahhhhhhhhh" (growl like sounding, with a little panting and lots of slobber.)

Me obliging and stripping off the princess jams, onsie, and dipe.

Ava sooooooo happy, running around neked!  (hey, when you are white trash with a white trash kids you gotta use the word, "neked!"

So here is a accurate representation of what I see a few minutes later. . 

Yep, that's a sock on her hand, a tee-shirt around her bum via the neck, and shoes--wrong foot, of course.  By the way, Ava now says, "Maaammaaaa"  "Daaaadeee" "Atch" (Asher) and "Shouuutch."  Yet, another potential concern--her obsession with shoes---that's a whole other post!
Couldn't you just nibble on those knees~


There is a pic of my brother, Norm, making this same face--I can't believe how much she looks like him.

And the "frombe" shot.  She is even sooo cute "from behind."  the white part of the tee you are seeing in the dead center of her hinee is the sleeve of the shirt.  So, again, I pose the question. . .should I be worried!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1.) Honoring President's Day and 2.) a little about my dingbat kiddos. . .

So in honor of President's Day I decided to do an object lesson to prepare my family for our emminent socialized society.

Here is how it is going to go. . .Quinn makes the money that buys all the food.   BUT I dictate where that food belongs.  And I am probably going to spend a ton of that money Quinn makes on cool new organizational methods for our food storage.  Again, he gets no say--he just earns the money and does what I say in "stimulating the food consumption."  

So here is how the process turned out. . .

The pantry--an ode to my BFF, Tana.  "Everything has a designated place and when that place is full--no more."  Thanks T.
Here is the fridge.  I was also going to use this socialism project to also help teach Ash how to read!  HUhh!  Two birds, baby!  Cause don't think for a second that ALL the areas in the fridge and freezer aren't totally labeled (just like the pantry).
Do you think it will last?  Ya, me neither. . .but what's life without trying.  I will say that if feels great to just open up the fridge and take a gander.  And even if we do stay a democratic society (not a chance in hell) I will be ready for MTV cribs to come on over!

I was also going to post some pics of our "chore chart" for my friend, Jenn.  But it looks a bit one sided.  Aiden is usually really good about doing his daily jobs but Asher, not so much.  Ash, is content to just hang out and not worry too much about 'saving for toys.'  

So I was thinking, yet again another prep opportunity.  Aiden will continue doing his jobs and earning his fat allowance and Ash will just hang out, earning nada.  But when it comes time for the Target toy run and just tell Aiden he has to give Ash a big ole' chunk of his allowance.  Perfect! Aiden will learn the genius behind "spreading it around" and Ash will learn the lack of necessity of having a work ethic.  My kids are going to be so prepared for adulthood in this country!
Okay, a bit about my little dingbat kiddos. .. 

Here is little Ava in her wife beater. . . and shoes, of course!  This little peanut insists on putting on shoes, any shoe, any time.

And the two hoodlums playing Superman with a stool and a blanket.  Notice Ashers' sweet outfit--Spiderman swimsuit (size 2) and an orange hoodie.  We went to the pool on Monday night for FHE and I'm pretty sure my kids were the best dressed!  Miss Ava did not even have a suit.  Yep, just sporting the BLUE swim diaper--it pretty much sucks being the third child.  Good thing there were no photos taken at the pool.

And the little fashionista again in her drool soaked wife beater with her sweet swim goggles!  Ya baby! 

I hope you have a ROCK STAR day!

By the way, if you are feeling a bit tired and frustrated, try a bit of sarcasm--it totally works!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The results of mom working the night shift. .

So I head off to work. . .another night of taking care of the "critically ill" of Blackfoot.  Just a little side note peeps. . .they call it the EMERGENCY ROOM for a reason--it is for EMERGENCIES!!  And really, your kid with a runny nose for 4 days is NOT an emergency.  Okay, I feel a better now.

So here is the sitch--I came home Monday morning a bit groggy and Ash whips up his jammie sleeve to display is new artwork via daddy. Something like this:

Ash. "momma look.  Daddy gave me a tat."

Me.  "Cool dude--that's tough lookin."

Me.  Sitting in the chair nursing Ava.  Tickling her yummy little feet. . ."What THE"

Yep, that's right my baby girl all tatted up!  We are soooo white trash.  I guess it was just a matter of time, livin' here in "the Foot."  I called Quinn for a little confrontation and he was giggling like an 11 year old girl.

Q.  "Well, hon, I was going to put a big one just above her diaper on her back---TRAMP STAMP--but she wouldn't hold still."

Here is the number to child protective services!