Monday, March 30, 2009


I have sooooo much to blog about but this little event is going to get the moment now.  Mostly because it is quick and easy and I have 5 minutes. . .but if I'm being honest it is really because the gratification is exuding from my pores and I need to get it down in text so I can "wipe this smirk off my face."

So here is the 411.  Last night Quinn and I were working with Aiden on his 50 in a minute.  It is this math homework biz that Ade is struggling with a bit.  Now he is up to subtraction to 10 and it is not coming as fast as he is used to---so he is frustrated.

But enough about Ade, here is the real goods!!  I challenged Q to a "math off."  He just gave me this look--

--this "as if you even stand a chance, woman" look.  The pompousness was oozing off his five-o-clock shadowed face.

Set the timer for one minute--and GO!!!

I was on fire. . .I was not focused on him at all--he is usually quite good at math.

-but alas, the quickness fails him.

I soooooo wish I had a snapshot of his face (a hard copy to share, not just the one in my head) when I threw my arms in the air. . ."DONE!!!"

He looked at me like I had 4 heads---his thoughts quickly turning to disbelief.  Until the evidence was there.

Right there is black and white ( that Micheal Jackson song just popped into my head. . .ohhh)

And right in front of his recently fallen face. . .yeaaaa baby!!!!!!

So this first pic is after Aiden told on me and said, "dad, mom is totally going to blog about this."  And Q smugly  and sarcastically said, "why don't you take a picture and scrapbook it, baby."  

I nearly peed my pants cause I was already on my third photo---so between snorts and kegals I told him to come in here.  When he saw I was actually photographing the evidence he was "buggin hard." 

I'll leave it up to you to guess which finger this is in the photograph.

And here is the "stunning" first round. . . a HUGE loss by EIGHT!!!  

Now if I can just figure out how to spell---- neeenerrr, neeeneerrrr, neeeenrrrrr. . .

I sure love you, honey, but never underestimate 'THE MOM.'


Tana said...

I am just so proud to have friends that are good at math. For one think it ensures that I will NEVER have to do even the most simple of addition and subtraction and for another thing I get to live vicariously when you beat your spouse at a "math off." Oh the joy.

Melissa said...

Love this go girl!!!

qstufflebeam said...

Hmmmm....well at least mine were all correct. Oh, and I like to let the mentally challenged feel good about themselves. Love ya, Babe!

Alysia Cook said...

My money would have totally been on you, Christa, you're a CHAMP!!!! I can almost picture Quinn's face...hee, hee.

Norm Schneiter said...

Quinn, you fool, don't you understand that Christa has probably been working on this stuff with Aiden so it is very fresh in her mind. Now go back to her with your comany P&L and Balance sheet and see who can calculate the following the fastest:
* Current Ratio
* Quick ratio
* Debt:Equity
* % differences vs. prior year
* % differences vs. Budget

Good Luck.

little prince's mummy said...

Nice blog!~

Adrienne said...

too good--LOL!